Learn More about Nonin Peripherals

With longstanding peripheral compatibility with the Nonin Onyx II 9560, Life Care Solutions is pleased to announce connectivity with Nonin's next generation oximeter, the Nonin 3230 pulse oximeter. For more information, refer to the following documentation directly from the manufacturer.

  • Compare

    With accuracy in low perfusion, motion and on dark skin tones, Nonin offers a tested solution compared to other wireless oximeters. Read Nonin's device comparison sheet for information.

  • Improved Technology and Features

    The Nonin 3230 oximeter provides on device finger placement feedback, to help patients know when they need to insert their finger properly into the device. For a look at all of the features and specifications, refer to this Nonin specifications sheet.

  • Automatic On/Off

    No need to press a button to turn the device on or off. Insert your finger and follow all onscreen directions on both the Genesis Touch monitor screen, as well as the easy to read display of the Nonin oximeter. For more usage directions, refer to the Nonin manual.