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You may also download and print sections of the manual related to the most common administrative and clinical workflows. Find just what you need, in a high-resolution format designed to print and keep around the office.

This basic overview contains essential information for all LifeStream users such as utilizing the Quick Select feature, sharing reports and understanding alert conditions. Other topics include: user preferences; choosing a password; customizing columns and much more.

Review the clinical tasks available in LifeStream such as entering basic data, managing patients and responding to readings. Other topics include: clinician-entered vitals; searching patient records; setting up trend parameters and much more. 

This document reviews the system configuration settings and tasks related to new users or user access. Specific topics include: managing sites & categories; setting up patient tiers, configuring passwords, managing user roles and much more.

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LifeStream has updated to v5.3, for customers in the US. This support site is provided for customers in Canada and/or users continuing to use the LifeStream v4.12 Microsoft Windows application. As a reminder, always install and run the LifeStream client on a supported Microsoft Windows Operating System, such as Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Upon opening the LifeStream application, wait for a software upgrade to be found and downloaded. When a prompt asks if you would like to use a new version of LifeStream, select OK. If a user had previously selected Use Current Version, exit and re-open the application to allow an upgrade to be downloaded.

If you remain unable to upgrade LifeStream, refer to for instructions on manually upgrading your LifeStream Windows client to v5.3.